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Frequently Asked Questions Page

What kind of camera do I need for a course?

Any Digital Camera with a removable SD card is required. The more mega-pixels the better, so we recommend between 10 and 20 megapixels for the best quality. You may use an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 for this workshop, however, you will need an Apple laptop with iPhoto to import and edit your images and transfer them to a flash drive to submit for viewing.

What kind of computer do I need for a course?

The best thing is to bring a laptop computer with photo-editing software. Please familiarize yourself with your computer's digital imaging software before the class. We receommend as the best option an Apple Laptop Computer (MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) using iPhoto for editing. P.C. Laptops are fine, however they are much slower for this type of work. Lightroom and Photoshop can work, but are generally overly-complex and slow for this workshop. iPads cannot be used for editing at this time as there is no way to export the images to a flash drive. If you do not have a laptop, it is possible someone in the workshop will share time on thiers. Otherwise, you will need to delete your images down to 15 in the camera and submit the SD card for viewing.

Do I need previous photographic experience to take this course?

No. Learn as much as you can about your camera in advance of the course. You can use it on program or automatic to begin with and improve your skills as you go. In Miksang Courses, we are interested in forming the equivalent of our perceptions through the medium of photography, and having control over the exposure, depth of focus etc. helps us do that. So, know as much as you can prior to the workshop.

What other equipment do I need?

None. We do not use tripods, flashes or special effects filters.

Is the opening night optional?

No. The first evening provides information on a number of relevant topics and lays the ground for the entire course. There will be a general orientation to the course as well as information on various logistics (field trip location etc.). There will also be a talk and image show which will provide an introduction to Miksang in general.

Can I miss parts of the course?

We don't recommend it, but it is up to you. The three or four day workshop has a natural flow and each part of it is important to the overall experience, so it is best to try and arrange for full participation. We recommend making your travel plans so that you can be present until 6pm on the final day.

Please take note that Miksang is a workshop about perception, learning to be open and see the world around us just as it is. In that sense, we begin to open to the world of form, the many varied aspects of our visual world.

From that point of view, it is important to realize that in the first workshop, 'Opening the Good Eye', we do not explore flowers and nature, as they are too loaded with familiarity and concepts.

General Course Requirements:
• A good working knowledge of your camera.
• A laptop computer.
• The ability to transfer your images to your computer.
• The ability to transfer select images to a USB Flash Drive.

Please familiarize yourself with the materials on the Miksang Website


Please try and understand the nature of the Miksang Journey before registering. Also, you can find out more information by visiting the Miksang Life Blog Entry - 'What is Miksang Really?'