The Practice of Contemplative Photography

Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes

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At last a detailed, in-depth explanation of the practice of contemplative photography by Miksang founder Michael Wood and Andy Karr. This books provides instructions on the basic approach to seeing clearly, and expressing vivid, brilliant perceptions through photography.

"This is not your usual “how to be a better photographer” book. It takes you into deeper water. It requires investigation and commitment to areas new to you. Among other things, you will think about perception in new ways. If you read this book with care, and without skepticism, it will radically expand your thinking, seeing, and photography."

Jay Maisel, photographer and author of
   Light on America

Contemplative photography is about seizing the present moment as one would delicately hold a poppy without shedding its petals. It is about nonattachment; one has nothing to lose and nothing to gain, but everything to offer to the eyes of the viewer.

Matthieu Ricard, photographer and author of    Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most
   Important Skill

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