Julie DuBose - Miksang Instructor
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Julie DuBose has been studying and practicing Miksang Photography for 13 years. She is one of the Principal Miksang Instructors, presents all Miksang Levels internationally and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Julie is the Founder of the Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography.

She is also the author of:

'Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart"

The book is available at Amazon or the Effortless Beauty Website

A Quote from Julie on the nature of Miksang Photography

"To me the path of Miksang is about uncovering truth, the truth of pure perception in our moment to moment experience. We see something penetrating, something pure and self-existing, and then we have the opportunity to express that perception without making anything up. We can be totally honest about what we saw. In that moment of staying with the perception, we hang out in the push and pull of wanting to manipulate it. But that all dissolves and is cut when we press down and feel the shutter click. It is the joy of letting go."


email: info@miksanginstitute.com

Telephone: 303-440-8311

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